Startup entrepreneurs can feel like they are on treadmill never reaching their goal of $1M in revenue.  Even established Business Owners can feel they are in the rat race, stuck on a track, with no end in sight.  They used the investor seed capital to reach their initial milestone of millions in revenue, but feel like they are out of gas and plateaued, with no way to reach the 8 or 9 figure revenue target they need to sell their business.   With the black swan event of the pandemic, a business that is on target can derail and struggle to get back on track.  

So what is an inspired, motivated, goal oriented entrepreneur to do?   Listen to this podcast for starters. 

Blair Singer joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Show to share the principles of sales success and corporate growth strategy that he has used to elevate thousands of entrepreneurs and their business revenue.  What they talk about is the foundation for accelerated growth and revenue ramp up key to all three scenarios to get un-stuck and on track to reach your financial targets. 

Blair Singer is a world renowned expert in sales and business growth and author of the best sellers Sales Dogs, written with Robert Kiyosaki as part of the Rich Dad book series, and Little Voice Mastery.   His Sales Academy is offered around the world, experiencing a 6 X growth in impact since the start of COVID.  Learn more at

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Karen Rands, is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement™ and author of the best selling financial investment primer: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing:  Step-by-Step Strategies to Leverage Private Equity Investment for Passive Wealth Creation. Did you know that the ‘idea of’ and the ‘how to’ create wealth as accredited angel investors by investing in entrepreneurs and owning a piece of multiple private companies was a secret for non-millionaires for over 90 years.  Karen is an authority on creating wealth through investing and building successful businesses that can scale and exit rich.   This podcast is the infomercial for the idea of angel / crowdfund investors as Compassionate Capitalists.  The Compassionate Capitalist Wealth Maximizer System is now available for those investors that want to learn how to invest in entrepreneurs as an asset class like real estate or the stock market. Visit to get your free gift: 12 Inside Secrets to Innovation and Wealth and join the email wait list for the next Free Intro – Wealth Mastery Immersion Challenge  Already investing? Learn how to hire Kugarand Capital Holdings to identify the red flags of deal before you invest, or find out hwo to help syndicate your capital raise. 

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