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For Entrepreneurs

Raising Capital is Hard.
We Know.
We have a 20-year success record. We offer strategic services for entrepreneurs at all stages. We provide Capital Strategy and Investor Relations for managing and syndicating Direct Public Offerings such as Crowdfunding Reg CF and REG A+. Also for Entrepreneurs on a Budget we offer the Capital Mastery Success System

For Investors

Unlock Your Wealth Potential with Angel Investing.
Learn to Create Wealth Like Millionaires. 

Investing in Entrepreneurs as an asset class has proven to be 3x more profitable than traditional assets.
Building a winning portfolio, and knowing which investments are best is time consuming.
Our Screening, Due Diligence and Syndication Services save investors time and money on their Investor Journey..
Our Compassionate Capitalist Wealth Maximizing System illuminates the Power of Investing in Entrepreneurs and Guides Investors on their Journey to Generational Wealth.


We are Venture Catalysts.
We love getting innovation funded.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of small business entrepreneurs move to the next level and achieve greater success. Whether they needed a business strategy, funding for a product launch, profit maximization to increase their valuation, access to working capital…or something totally unique to that entrepreneur’s circumstances…

We have delivered.


If You Want to Invest Like a Millionaire, Then the Only Way to Do It is to Learn How Millionaires Actually Invest…

As an investor, you may be thinking…

“I want my investments to grow, but I don’t want to make a stupid mistake and lose all my money!”

I’m Karen Rands, and while everyone else is telling you that investments BEYOND stocks & real estate are risky, I’m here to tell you that if you want to earn powerful returns like a millionaire, the only way to do it is to invest like a millionaire.

The short version of my story is that there used to be secrets held behind closed doors, so that only millionaires could get access to these fastest growing AND SAFE investments.

When the laws changed making it legal for people like you and me to have a seat at the table of plenty and share in the wealth successful entrepreneurs create, I blew the whistle on that operation and revealed the secrets in my bestselling book, and now I’m excited to share it with you.

Angel/Crowdfunding investing and offers a step-by-step on demand library of training videos and resources, and an instructor led guided pathway so that you gain confidence as you master the fundamentals. Live interactive sessions and ‘master-mind’ deal review opportunities make this a complete system for you to build your own Angel Profitability Blueprint™.

Get the book that launched a movement….

“Inside Secrets to Angel Investing” is the best selling primer for how to get started creating wealth by investing in entrepreneurs. Proven to be 3x as profitable as traditional investments such as Real Estate and the Stock Market. Karen’s book is a comprehensive guide to the world of angel investing, offering readers a deep dive into the strategies, opportunities, and considerations involved in this exciting and potentially lucrative investment and wealth creation strategy.

From understanding the dynamics of the angel investing community, to evaluating potential investments and due diligence, to negotiating the best possible terms, this book provides a wealth of information and guidance to anyone seeking to succeed as an angel investor.

Karen’s Compassionate Capitalist Wealth Maximizing System is now available. As the expanded system for creating wealth investing in entrepreneurs, it is an interactive coaching program that is designed to give new investors confidence as they build their portfolio of angel investments.


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Join our email list and get this ebook as our gift, plus weekly video tips for entrepreneur and investor success and important announcements


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