Insights for entrepreneurs raising capital from Venture Garage accelerator and investor syndication

India, long time source for Tech and Human Resources for American Business, is coming on strong with bringing innovation to the world with home grown startups. A key contributor to that is India’s Venture Garage, imagineered by Vivek Kumar, who has cultivated a syndicated network of over 2000 investors and actively working with nearly 90 startups. Vivek joins Karen on The Compassionate Capitalist Show(tm) to discuss their philosophy and best practices for identifying quality founders and viable innovation that can be commercialized and cultivated to grow from $0 to $100M in revenue (not just invested value).

Chaperoning founders and their companies through the initial funding and growth stages, Vivek and his team look for key attributes in the companies they invest time, resources, & money into:

Founder qualification

High rate growth potential in segment

As Karen and Vivek wrap up their lively and engaging conversation, Vivek shares what he believes is the biggest cause for startup failure – hint it is not lack of funding.  After all, Venture Garage’s Investor Network Includes: VCs, HNIs, Family Offices, Strategic Investors, Angel & Seed Investors who invest $50K  upto 15M in Seed to Series A/B rounds.

After careers in Research & Analytics, consumer marketing & retail, Vivek became a highly successful online entrepreneur and angel investor. He co-founded Venture Garages to address the challenges companies experienced in securing funding from startup to scale. Learn more: &

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