Experienced Angels know how to mitigate their risk through diversification.

This episode of The Compassionate Capitalist Show features Karen Rands as she shares her experience and perspective on diversifying an angel investment portfolio to increase the odds of winning the wealth creation game.

Karen attended the Angel Investor Diversification Strategy Panel at the 2022 TiE-Con – TiE Atlanta’s signature annual business conference.   She was delighted to hear the strategies these angel investors shared that were part of how they insured success and large returns on their angel investment portfolio were the same strategies she shares in her book: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing and in her Compassionate Capitalist Wealth Maximizer System. 

Key Take Aways:

  • Diversify by Industry, Stage, and Type of Investment –
  • Have Discipline to Allocate a Specific % of Your Investment Portfolio –
  • Create a Plan for Investing Regularly to Build a Portfolio of Private Deals –
  • Expect Some Losses, Off Set by Overall Success of a Diversified Angel Portfolio

On The Panel was:
Bird Blitch – CEO / Co-founder Patientco, active angel investor after the acquisition of his comp.
JP James – Chairman of Hive Financial Assets, active investor, leader in setting up multiple angel groups and funds.
Frank Tighe – Managing Director of Silicon Road Ventures, an early stage VC fund focused on the future of commerce.
Shankur Ram – Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Investor.  He has started 6 companies with successful exits to UPS and E&Y. On the Board of TiE Global and SoCal
Sid Mookerji – Managing Partner and Founder of Silicon Road VC led the panel in the discussion Retail innovation leader. Successfully built and sold a company operating in eight countries serving 350+ retailers worldwide.

Karen Rands, is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and author of the best selling financial investment primer: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing:  Step-by-Step Strategies to Leverage Private Equity Investment for Passive Wealth Creation.
Did you know that the ‘idea of’ and the ‘how to’ create wealth as accredited angel investors by investing in entrepreneurs and owning a piece of multiple private companies was a secret for non-millionaires for over 90 years.  Karen is an authority on creating wealth through investing and building successful businesses that can scale and exit rich.   This podcast is the infomercial for the idea of angel / crowdfund investors as Compassionate Capitalists.
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